Hoda Abbasizanjani

Research Officer, Major Societal Challenges

Hoda is a Research Officer and Data Scientist for the PAND|AR workstream and is based at Swansea University. Her current role focuses on the analysis of linked health and administrative data to address the priorities of the impact of Covid-19 on Wales and investigate emerging societal challenges.

Hoda has experience of working with big data with expertise in data linkage techniques using the SAIL Databank, data analytics and data visualisation. Prior to joining ADR Wales, she worked as a Data Scientist for the Health Data Research UK (HDR-UK) team and CVD-COVID-UK Consortium. She was involved in various projects related to understanding the relationship between Covid-19 and cardiovascular diseases, Covid-19 transmission at schools, and child and maternal health. She holds an MSc in Electronic Engineering and PhD in Computer Science.