Data Insight: Risk factors associated with primary care-reported domestic violence for women involved in Family Law care proceedings

This Data Insight explores risk factors for domestic violence and abuse (DVA) experienced by mothers involved in public law family court care proceedings
in Wales. It is intended as a summary of recently published research within the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Data Insight: Effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of children that are clinically extremely vulnerable or living with clinically extremely vulnerable people in Wales

This Data Insight examines the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of clinically extremely vulnerable children and children living with clinically extremely vulnerable people in Wales, using data linkage methods.

Report: Differences between estimates of Welsh language ability in Census 2021 and household surveys

Initial findings from research reviewing differences between estimates of Welsh language ability in Census 2021 and the Labour Force Survey. This publication is a product of a joint workplan between the Welsh Government and Office for National Statistics to improve our understanding of Welsh language statistics.

Data Insight: Clinical coding and capture of Long COVID: a cohort study in Wales using linked health and demographic data

This Data Insight investigates clinical coding of Long COVID recorded in primary and secondary care for the population of Wales. It provides insight into the quality of this clinical coding and how it is used differently across primary care software systems. It also explores the completeness and usability of linked health and demographic data. Furthermore, this study provides a comprehensive characterisation of patients clinically diagnosed with Long COVID, aiming to build a deeper understanding of this relatively new condition.

Journal Article: Insights from linking police domestic abuse data and health data in South Wales, UK: a linked routine data analysis using decision tree classification

Journal Article: Trajectories in chronic disease accrual and mortality across the lifespan in Wales, UK (2005–2019), by area deprivation profile: linked electronic health records cohort study on 965,905 individuals

Data Insight: Are farm households different? Some evidence from Wales

This Data Insight presents data on the structure of farming households in Wales and compares them to other non-farming rural households. The work was carried out by the AD|ARC (Administrative Data | Agricultural Research Collection) team, an ADR UK- funded project. The project that aims to integrate the human dimension with data on farming activities. This enables us, to better understand the demographic, health, education, and economic characteristics of farm households associated with different types and sizes of farm businesses. AD|ARC aims to provide the insights needed for decision- makers to improve future policies and enhance the wellbeing of farmers and their households.

Data Insight: European Union Settled Status (EUSS) Data Linkage Project (Wales): Preliminary findings for education

This Data Insight provides a preliminary analysis on education data relating to children born in the EU living in Wales and children born in Wales living in Wales, which
details their attendance and attainment at school. It is based upon the analysis of Education Wales data linked to 2011 Census data. This analysis forms part of the EU Settled Status (EUSS) Data Linkage Project, which aims to link European Union (EU) citizen data with other data already held within the SAIL Databank, based at Swansea University. Using a range of de-identified data in the SAIL Databank, a control group of British citizens in Wales has been matched with EU citizens with similar characteristics using the 2011 Census.

Journal Article: Trends in SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination in school staff, students and their household members from 2020 to 2022 in Wales, UK: an electronic cohort study

Report: Supporting People data linking project: update

This project follows on from, and is informed by, the Supporting People data linking feasibility study and Supporting People data linking emerging findings report, using legacy Supporting People data from five local authorities in Wales (from 2003 to 2020). The Supporting People programme was replaced by the Housing Support Grant in 2019.

This report analyses the demographics of Supporting People to understand who received support from the programme. In addition, it outlines findings from analysis that linked Supporting People data with healthcare data in the SAIL databank to understand the healthcare utilisation of Supporting People clients before and after they received support.