Hoda Abbasizanjani

Research Officer, Major Societal Challenges

Katy Addison

Senior Research Officer

Ashley Akbari

Academic Lead, Social Care, Major Societal Issues

Carmel Albiston

Business Administration Apprentice

Cate Batchelder

Impact Officer

Stuart Bedson

Senior Research Officer, Major Societal Challenges

Sinead Brophy

Academic Lead, Early Years/Training & Capacity Building

Paul Caskie

Principal Investigator, AD|ARC

Silvia Colonna

High Statistical Officer, Early Years, Mental Health

Ben Cooper

Senior Research Officer

Lynsey Cross

Research Officer & Data Scientist, Social Care

Liam Crowley

Data Scientist, AD|ARC

Matthew Curds

Head of Major Projects & Project Development

Rhys Davies

Academic Lead, Skills & Employability

Josh Dixon

Principal Analyst, BOLD study

Stephen Drinkwater

Academic Lead, EUSS project

Matt Evans

Senior Data Acquisition Manager

David Ford


Rich Fry

Co-Academic Lead, Climate Change, Social Justice, Health & Wellbeing

Faye Gracey

Head of Data Acquisition and Linking for Research

Lucy Griffiths

Co-Academic Lead, Social Justice, Climate Change, Health & Wellbeing

Kathryn Helliwell

Head of Administrative Data Research Unit

Stephanie Howarth

Co-Director & Chief Statistician

Tara Hughes

Research Officer & Data Scientist, Social Care

Katy Huxley

Research Associate, Skills & Employability, Education

Michaela James

Research Officer, Early Years

Ann John

Academic Lead, Mental Health

Rhodri Johnson

Senior Research Officer, Health & Wellbeing

Amy Jones

Research Officer

Kerina Jones

Information Governance & Public Engagement

Jen Keating

Research Associate, Education

Tash Kennedy

Research Officer, Early Years

Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee

Co-Lead, Training & Capacity Building

Ffion Lloyd-Williams

Senior Research Officer, EUSS project

Sarah Lowe

Head of Project Development & Impact

Ronan Lyons

Co-Academic Lead, Health & Wellbeing

Jane Lyons

Senior Research Officer, Social Justice

Peter Mackie

Co-Academic Lead, Housing & Homelessness

Laura Madden

Lead Government Analyst, AD|ARC

Jo Maimaris

Principal Analyst, BOLD study

Cynthia McNerney

Head of Data Acquisition and Provisioning

Sian Morrison-Rees

Senior Researcher and Data Scientist, AD|ARC

Dora Pouliou

Senior Data Scientist, Health & Wellbeing

Freya Pryce

Research Officer, Climate Change, AD|ARC

Kelly Regan

Administrative Assistant

Cathrine Richards

Head of Impact Management

Lucy Robinson

Data Analyst, Major Societal Challenges

Olivier Rouquette

Research Officer, Mental Health

Alexandra Sandu

Research Assistant, Education

Jon Smart

Head of Programmes, COO of SAIL Databank