Training and Capacity Building

The ADR Wales Training and Capacity Building programme is set to deliver ADR UK’s strategic objective of boosting the number of trained researchers with the skills to analyse complex linked administrative datasets in the UK. ADR Wales will work collaboratively with others across the UK and internationally to:

  • Deliver training specific to ADR UK linked datasets;
  • Coordinate the wider investment to identify and engage with potential learners, determine their training needs and work with them to deliver the most appropriate and effective training.

The ADR Wales Training and Capacity Building programme will be delivered through Datacise Open Learning & Resources in  partnership with colleagues in Population Data Science at Swansea University and other institutions in the UK and internationally.  

Datacise Open Learning & Resources aims to provide world-class, flexible and innovative training for a range of data science disciplines. For anyone who uses or has an interest in administrative ‘big’ data, Datacise Open Learning & Resources will support their skills and learning development to enhance future research endeavours across social science, health and social care, healthcare and clinical research.’

By augmenting workforce capacity, skills, and engagement in data-intensive science, we can begin to unlock the enormous potential of data to:

  • Bring about societal changes by solving some of today’s most critical social issues from global health to climate change through the skills and application of data linkage required by advanced expertise.
  • Drive new developments that underpin the evolution of disruptive technologies, to treatments within the healthcare arena. This includes the drug discovery process (particularly relevant in view of the current Covid-19 pandemic) by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer simulation with clinical trial data.
  • Transform healthcare with swift and accurate diagnoses, using medical imaging and new data-driven models, and disease prevention strategies that rely on data synthesis and deep learning.

Core Team:

  • Professor David Ford, Director of ADR Wales
  • Professor Sinead Brophy, Academic Lead, Training & Capacity Building at ADR Wales; Co-Director of Datacise Open Learning
  • Stephanie Lee, Co-Director for Growth
  • Jon Smart, Co-Director for Resource and Infrastructure
  • Chris Roberts, Senior Impact and Engagement Officer