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New Data Explained: HAPPEN dataset

This Data Explained summarises experiences and learning from working with the HAPPEN (Health and Attainment of Pupils in Primary Education) dataset while producing research into children’s health and wellbeing in…
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ADR UK invests further funding in AD|ARC

ADR UK is providing a second phase of funding for the Administrative Data | Agricultural Research Collection (AD|ARC) programme. This four-nation project will increase understanding of farmer and farm household…
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New research examines effectiveness of careers guidance and how it is prioritised

New research carried out by ADR Wales has examined the effectiveness of careers guidance in supporting participation in post compulsory education and training and how careers guidance is prioritised. The…
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Latest Publications

Data Explained: HAPPEN dataset

Data Insight: How is careers guidance for school pupils prioritised?

This Data Insight explores how information is used to inform decisions regarding the provision of careers guidance interviews among key stage 4 (KS4) pupils in Wales. It explores the relative importance of background characteristics contained within administrative education records compared to information supplied by pupils via the Careers Wales diagnostic tool.

Data Insight: Effectiveness of careers guidance in supporting participation in Post Compulsory Education and Training (PCET)

This Data Insight explores the influence careers guidance can have on transitions to Post Compulsory Education and Training (PCET) in Wales. The analysis examines rates of transition to PCET in Wales, whether the receipt of careers guidance during key stage 4 supports transition to PCET and, if so, whether it benefits some groups of pupils more than others.