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The Administrative Data | Agricultural Research Collection (AD|ARC) project hopes to enhance the prosperity and wellbeing of farm households. In this blog, Dr Paul Caskie reflects on what was achieved in the first phase of funding and the plans for the next stage.

The first phase of the project, from 2020 to 2023, established partnerships between academia and government to link de-identified data and create the first UK-wide data collection focused on agricultural households. The project was developed with teams collaborating in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Each nation is building separate, complementary data resources that will enable discrete and UK-wide analysis.

ADR UK awarded renewed funding to AD|ARC for work to continue in 2023-2025 and recognising the usefulness of the data, Welsh Government has matched this with funding.

This second phase will involve us expanding the datasets  to enhance the data in scope and broaden the base of potential users. We envision these datasets being used to study changing farm demographics, farm household economic activities, health and education, and the links between household circumstances and land use patterns, among other questions.

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