ADR Wales analysis informed school practices during the pandemic whilst also demonstrating the efficiency and effectiveness of data linkage.

The project aimed to inform policy within Welsh Government on the demographics of the school workforce and their vaccination status to help identify areas of potential concern and enable targeted intervention strategies.

ADR Wales worked alongside policy teams to understand the ongoing vaccination profile of the school workforce. ADR Wales demonstrated how data linkage techniques using existing data could be used to deliver this understanding, rather than the creation of a new survey which would take time to administer, prove a burden on teaching time and carry a cost implication.

The analysis looked at the Covid-19 vaccination figures for teaching and non-teaching education staff in Wales, highlighting counts and proportions who had received doses one, two and three and the first booster vaccinations administered in Wales. Through this work high levels of compliance with the vaccination programme were demonstrated.

The team delivered a statistical report and updates which fed into ongoing policy decisions regarding school safety. The work was received by senior officials and the Minster for Education and helped to inform planning around the Covid-19 outbreak and the safe return to schools.