Stakeholder reference groups

The purpose of these groups is to foster engagement and communication between AD|ARC and agricultural stakeholders – those with knowledge able to inform the project, and who will ultimately be affected by its outcomes – across the UK’s four nations.

Stakeholder engagement is an important aspect of administrative data research. It ensures that those with relevant insights and expertise on a topic or issue, and whose work and lives will be affected by the work, are able to feed into the decision making process. In addition, it allows stakeholders to learn more about the work underway and how it impacts them, sharing this knowledge among their networks, and to develop future research projects that use the data collection.

Specifically, the purpose of the AD|ARC Stakeholder Reference Groups is to:

  1. Explain administrative data research, secure data linking and use
  2. Increase awareness of the AD|ARC project and its purpose
  3. Refine research questions
  4. Communicate research findings
  5. Develop a community with an interest in future research projects

National Stakeholder Reference groups are being established for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England by (or with support from) Welsh Government, Scottish Government, the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency (NISRA) and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), respectively. A UK group will also be convened from selected members of these national groups.

Membership and meetings

Membership of the AD|ARC Stakeholder Reference Groups totals between 10-15 for each national group. Group meetings are bi-annual and thematic – the first, planned for 2021, will focus on refining the strategic research questions of the AD|ARC project, while the second will discuss progress on research activities.


The Terms of Reference document for the Northern Ireland Stakeholder Reference Group is currently being drawn up and will be shared here when available.