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In a new blog from the AD|ARC project, Stuart Neil, agriculture and rural affairs statistician at Welsh Government, discusses the picture that is emerging from early work on farming households in Wales and how this can help to inform policy decisions that may benefit the people that live in them.

A member of the AD|ARC Steering Group, Neil is well-placed to see how new analysis can bring about greater insights for policy makers.

AD|ARC has recently published a Data Insight that focuses on the structure of farming households in Wales and how these compare to other, non-farming rural households. The Data Insight explains how the team brought the data together and the issues they had to consider to make this the most comprehensive analysis they can build on in future research.

The AD|ARC research team is bringing more data together to expand the analysis and report findings for farming and rural households across Scotland, England, and Northern Ireland as well as Wales. Through the trusted research environments in each nation, the team are also planning to link anonymised health, education, and business data with data on farming and rural households.