Ashley Akbari

Academic Lead, Social Care, Major Societal Issues

Ashley is a Professor of Population Data Science Research at Swansea University. He is the Academic Lead of the Social Care and Major Societal Challenges research themes, which includes the response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the PAND|AR work stream. Ashley has experience working on a variety of data linkage and research projects and programmes, with a background in computing and various research disciplines, which have evolved over time with his experience of working with anonymised data within the SAIL Databank since 2008, as well as other data from across the UK nations, and as part of projects with the NHS, government, public health, policy, charities, members of the public and others. Ashley delivers his own research and collaborates with others in the development and pursuit of their projects and research, and supports their continued development and training, championing translation of outcomes into policy and impact to people and services across multiple disciplines, organisations and settings.