Stephanie Howarth, Co-Director of ADR Wales and Chief Statistician for Wales, has discussed her role and how her team is working to maximise data efficiency and effectiveness for public good.

Published in Government Transformation Magazine, Stephanie describes how her team are working alongside the ADR UK investment to harness administrative data more “efficiently, effectively and safely” to improve the evidence base needed for Welsh policy.

One of the projects highlighted by the ADR Wales Co-Director as an example of where existing data can help inform decision making around policies within government is the Welsh Government’s flagship early years programme, Flying Start. The Flying Start programme seeks to protect the life chances of young children by mitigating the impact of poverty.

ADR Wales researchers in Welsh Government linked childcare data from the Flying Start programme to education data, finding that those with higher attendance met their expected outcomes in all areas of learning. “That more sophisticated reuse of administrative data, and the bringing together of research, helped to provide additional insight and inform the decision on how to expand the rollout of the programme.”

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